Corey Haines is a Product Hunt pro, having gotten multiple products on the leaderboard, and even inclusion in the newsletter!
SafetyWing grew 7,000%+ by integrating with partners through an API.
It turns out, almost any Web2 growth channel can be adapted for Web3. But it takes some creativity – and community. 
Programmatic SEO helped Airbitics grow their revenue by 1500% in 5 months.
AYS runs a Web3 community platform with over 70,000 members.
Tweet Hunter has a unique growth strategy – they build tools to solve their market's problems. And then give them away for free.
Building an affiliate program (or a community!) doesn't have to be hard. Just start with your existing customers.
Salem is a true Growth Hacker. He’s an expert at finding hidden low hanging fruit that creates massive leaps in growth.
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